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"Exploring the Art of Floral Sculpture: The Scottie Dog Design"

I LOVE floral sculptures, which are super detailed floral arrangements that typically look like an animal, person, clothing, symbol, etc.! They are so much fun to make and I love the way they look when finished, they are truly amazing floral arrangements/floral designs. I also love how much appreciation is shown by people who view the flower sculptures (flower arrangements, floral designs). Most people find themselves in awe of the floral designs.

I had the opportunity to make another floral sculpture/floral design over the holidays. I chose a Scottie dog because this was going to be on display in a very big, expensive home in Serrano Country Club, here in El Dorado Hills as part of the Assistance League Holiday Home Tour Fundraiser. WOW, that was a lot to say in one sentence! I also have a nightgown with Scottie dogs all over it, so I was influenced by my nightgown as well, LOL!

Anyway, I decided to make a life size Scottie dog in white with a big red bow. Here is how he turned out.

The down side to making these types of sculptures is that they take a lot of time to make…I didn’t keep very good track of my time, but I know it took between 5-7 hours. The other down side is that because these are fresh flowers without a water source they won’t last that long. This could be made with a water source, however, that will make him very heavy and hard to move. It is an option though.

I’m thinking about holding a workshop called “Who Let The Dogs Out?” and letting my students make the dog variety of their choice (within limits, of course). I need to keep the cost of the workshop as low as possible and need to make sure that each dog takes approximately the same amount of flowers, essentially, that each dog will cost about the same amount of money to create.

There has been a lot of interest shown in these floral sculptures. I was first introduced to them by Preston Bailey. If you haven’t seen his work you must make it a point to pick up one of his books or visit his website or do a google search of his name and then view all the floral design eye candy…I guarantee you will be impressed.

I have been teaching a floral design class since January, the first was held in Las Vegas. I cover floral sculptures as one of the floral design topics. If you’d like to attend or want more information, visit, I have been holding the hands-on training course across the country.

I also recently went into the production studio and have filmed the process so it will be edited into a new downloadable course for those of you who can’t make it to a live hands-on floral design class with me.

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