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Extreme Floral Design Workshop – Las Vegas, NV 1/17/14

This was the first Extreme Floral Design Workshop in a series of many more to come. For 2014 the Extreme Floral Design Workshop content will be the same at each location.

I wanted to share some photos and feedback from the first Extreme Floral Design Workshop with you.

Floral Chandeliers

The time it takes to make one of these working solo is about 5 hours. Since I cover four different floral design styles in the workshop, I had to find a way to make the construction of these designs faster for the hands-on portion so I put students into groups of four. I learned that the floral chandeliers needed more than the allotted time, but the floating floral designs needed less time, so I will adjust the timing for the next workshop.

Here are a few photos of the students making their floral chandeliers:

Unfortunately, because of time constraints none of the student groups completed a floral chandelier, but they learned all the mechanics to create one on their own with no time limitations.

The second segment of the Extreme Floral Design training focused on Floral Wall Art. It was so much fun to see how different each group creating the design for their wall art. They were all given the exact same mechanics and instructions. All the flowers were the same for each group as well. Here is a photo of four of the Floral Wall Art Designs that students created in class.

For the Floating Floral Designs I tried to keep the designs easy enough to do in a classroom environment working in groups of four. We spent quite a bit of time talking about the mechanics and even how you actually install the floating floral designs in a pool or other body of water.

The workshop was held at the Las Vegas Hotel, so one of the floating designs we created were the initials of the hotel, LVH. We also did very small floating wreaths. Floating floral designs don’t have to be flat like what we made in class. In fact, most often, they are large upright floral designs similar to what you would see on an entry table or flanking a ceremony site. The difference is the mechanics used to make a design float on water without tipping over or sinking. It is very important that you use materials that won’t cause damage to the pool as well.

I would love to see a mass amount of these wreaths floating in a pool with a vase sitting in the middle and lit candles in the center…wouldn’t that make a GRAND impression!

The final segment of the Extreme Floral Design Workshop is Floral Structures. For class we made the Scottie Dog, which, technically, when they are white are called Westie dogs. Floral sculptures can be anything from an animal to a gown made out of flowers. It is the recreation of an object using flowers. Again, these are very time consuming floral design projects when you work alone. I think this is my favorite segment of the training, I just love these little dogs…and they are life sized!

Again, it was so fun to see how each group put their own spin on the appearance of their dog. They were all given the exact same instructions and supplies.

Here is what students had to say about the floral design training:

I liked that you are so easy to approach with any questions/doubts and being able to create these designs hands-on…priceless!

Very informative and detailed…you shared so much with us…thank you so much.
Working hands-on was the BEST! Also, having the instruction binder to take away. And being able to share the experience with each other was invaluable.
Loved it, you rock!

I am currently scheduled more Extreme Floral Design Workshops and looking for locations in the following states:

Wichita, KS

Spokane, WA

Austin, TX

Alexandria, VA

Denver, CO

Boston, MA

These workshops will most likely be scheduled for July, August and September 2014.

CONFIRMED is Paramus, NJ for 8/18/14.

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