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Happy Valentine’s Day – Floral Design

Personally, I LOVE Valentine’s Day. When I was about 16 years old I saw my first heart shaped diamond and fell in love! When I got married I wanted a heart shaped diamond. I love hearts! Hearts are certainly a main symbol of Valentine’s Day.

I don’t miss Valentine’s Day as a retail florist…oh, the stories I can tell! Valentine’s Day was always a pretty big holiday for me in the floral business and is for most florists. The craziness begins with the prices of roses going up 3-5 times their normal cost. See my previous blog post about why the cost of roses goes up so much, there really is a very good reason for it. To lock in the very best prices, the wholesalers and growers want us florists to lock in our orders quite early, way before we have any orders to fill. From a business perspective, you don’t want to have a lot of inventory left over when you just paid 3-5 times the normal price, because typically, the day after Valentine’s Day the cost of those same roses drops because now nobody wants to be holding a product that is going to die in a week.

I am so happy I am no longer dealing with the craziness of Valentine’s Day as a florist.

Here is a photo for you to enjoy, wishing you all a Very Happy Valentine’s Day!

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